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Living Arroyos Alumni Past and Present


2013-2013 Staff


2013-2014 Living Arroyos Alumni

(from left to right, top row to bottom row):

Mike Chu (regular volunteer), Curtis Lewis, Joseph Steelman, Linnea Neuhaus, and Joni Redmond.

Linnea Neuhaus, Living Arroyos Field Lead 2013-2015

Linnea now works for Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting as a Biologist


Joni Redmond, Living Arroyos Outreach and Media Manager 2013-2014


2013-2015 Alumni

2013-2015 Living Arroyos Alumni

(from left to right): Chandeep Singh, Jessica Gore, Joseph Steelman and Curtis Lewis

Chandeep Singh, Living Arroyos Intern 2013-2016

“Thank you Living Arroyos for this great opportunity. You have helped me to find the path towards which I want to steer my career, and also taught me so many amazing and cool things in the process. At last, it helped me in forming lifelong connections with some of the most amazing individuals in this world.”

Chandeep is finishing her BA at Portland State University in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable urban development and planning. When she is not working at a local nursery or going to school, she is enjoying Portland and tending to her many houseplants.


Curtis Lewis, Living Arroyos Intern 2013-2015

Curtis is pursuing a BS in Agriculture Science and Environmental Education at UC Davis.


Jessica Gore, Living Arroyos Intern 2014-2015


Joseph Steelman, Living Arroyos Intern 2013-2016, 2017-Present Living Arroyos Coordinator

“I have always been the kind of person who removed trash in the creeks near my home and have felt the need for stewardship of the land I live on. This program enables me to take care of our watershed and to educate and engage the local community.”

Joseph left the program in the fall of 2016 to pursue higher education in Portland Oregon. He returned to the program in Summer 2017 as the new Program Coordinator, bringing with him years of experience and innovative enthusiasm. He is working on finishing his BS in Geography and Environmental Studies at CSU Easy Bay.


2015-2016 Alumni

2015-2016 Living Arroyos Alumni

(adults from left to right): Joseph Steelman, Jacob Kinney, Alyssa Tenney and Felisha Walls

Felisha Walls, Living Arroyos Coordinator 2016-2017

Felisha joined the program in 2016 as the Program Coordinator. Felisha laid the foundation for the current program, setting up systems of data collection, biomonitoring and reporting. After managing the program for eighteen months, she was accepted into the Integrative Life Sciences PhD program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.


Jacob Kinney, Living Arroyos Intern 2015-2016

 “I’ve always been interested in helping to protect the environment in any way possible and this program gave me that opportunity. I like this program because it provides opportunities for the local community to learn about certain environmental issues and get involved in helping our environment.”

Jacob is currently studying at Oregon State University working on a BA in Environmental Studies. He is also continuing his work in restoration as an intern for Nearby Nature in Eugene Oregon. His goal is to get his Masters in Climate Science.


Alyssa Tenney, Living Arroyos Intern 2016

“I wanted to join the living arroyos program so that I would have the opportunity to transfer what I have been learning in my college courses to hands on experience in the environmental field. The thing I like most about the program is that most of the work we conduct is outside in the field, up close and personal with the environment and local community.” – Alyssa Tenney, 23

Alyssa got her BS in Environmental Chemistry at CSU East Bay in 2016. After leaving Living Arroyos she worked a season of wildland firefighting on an engine crew up in Modoc National Forest. She recently got her EMT license and is working on an ambulance crew.


2016-2017 Alumni 

2016-2017 Living Arroyos Alumni

(from left to right): Tim Galanis, Leonard Druker, Sierra Mathias

Leonard Druker, Living Arroyos 2016-2017

Sierra Mathias, Living Arroyos 2017


Tim Galanis, Living Arroyos 2017- Present

“I have always been passionate about the environment and many of my personal and professional goals are centered on that. In this position I have been able to work with riparian habitats while learning more about them. I have also gained experience in enhancing them and encouraging community interest in them. I enjoy watching the competing dynamics between the land, the plants, and the water as well as the various kinds of animals we see enjoying our sites.”

Tim graduated from CSU Eastbay in 2014 with a BA in Environmental Studies under the Physical Environment option. When Tim isn’t working with Living Arroyos he is a contractor collecting water samples for the USGS. He is interested in becoming a Park Ranger. In his free time he likes to go hiking; rain or shine, night or day.


Charlie Chesnie, Living Arroyos 2017

“Living Arroyos gave me hands-on experience that has allowed me to contribute a different point of view during discussions at Oxford. Community engagement, working in a multi-partner organization, and implementing management techniques are great to learn about during a lecture, but actually having experience in each of these areas from the Living Arroyos internship has allowed me to share a real world example with my course mates. I can’t wait to visit a creek restoration site in England to be able to compare and contrast different country’s approaches to restoration, flood control, and engaging local citizens with their natural world.”

Charlie is currently at Oxford University in England, working on a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management.


2017-2018 Alumni

2017-2018 Living Arroyos Alumni

(from left to right): Natasha Maranhas, Megan Arp, Joseph Steelman, Tim Galanis, and Mandy Hollman

Megan Arp, Living Arroyos 2017- Present

“I wanted to feel like I was making a difference. Actually utilizing the knowledge I gained in college was a bonus. I really enjoy working outdoors in the environment that I can help improve and I am excited to look back years from now to see what we’ve accomplished on a more grand scale.”

Megan received an AA in Math and Science at Las Positas College in 2015 and is working towards transferring into a biology program, specializing in ecology and biodiversity. A recent trip to Alaska has made her more eager than ever to work in the ecology field. In her spare time, she likes to take photos of nature, bake, and hang out with her husband and dog.


Natasha Maranhas, Living Arroyos 2017- April 2018

Natasha graduated from CSU East Bay with a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Statistics. Natasha is now working as Geologist for SCS Engineers.


Andrea Oliver, Living Arroyos 2017


Mandy Hollman, Living Arroyos 2017- Present

Mandy is currently applying for PhD programs in Wildlife Conservation and has a background in Anthropology and Theological Studies. She got her BA at Wheaton College in 2009 and her Master of Theological studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2012. Her hobbies include playing Magic the Gathering, looking for wildlife to identify and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.

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